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Pertussis (Whooping Cough)

California Department of Public Health
Centers for Disease Control
Pertussis Frequently Asked
Whooping Cough Flyer
Be Aware. Treat It Early.
La Tos Ferina
Sea Consciente. Trátela Temprano.
Family Care Clinics

Guidance for Health Professionals
After the Shots... What to do if your child has discomfort - January 2011
Pertussis Fact Sheet - May 2014
Public Health Advisory-Pertussis - May 2014
Pertussis PEP - May 2014

Guidance for Laboratories
Laboratory Testing - California Department of Public Health, March 2010

Pertussis Disease - Questions and Answers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Web Site
Family Care Clinics Locations

Pertussis Disease Activity in Riverside County

2012 Statistics
Cases: 31
Deaths: 0
Last Updated: July 31, 2012
2011 Statistics
Cases: 176 (Provisional)
Deaths: 0
Last Updated: October 28, 2011
2010 Statistics
Cases: 461
Deaths: 0
Last Updated: December 31, 2010
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